Adventures on the Bookshelf is a blog for anyone interested in Modern Languages and Literature, and particularly secondary-school students (and their teachers) who might consider coming to Oxford to study modern languages in the future.

The blog began life as a blog about French language, literature, and culture, which was curated by Dr Simon Kemp, Associate Professor of French at Somerville College, and Schools Liaison Officer for French at Oxford. It has since expanded to encompass a wider range of languages and cultures, with contributions from staff and students at Oxford alike. We would be delighted to receive any feedback or suggestions for the site from readers, and we are always pleased to hear from current undergraduate or graduate students who’d like to write for the blog.

Information found in the archives of this blog about courses and admissions procedures was accurate at the time of posting, but check the Oxford University website for up-to-date information.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Brilliant! Some very interesting (and funny) posts so far, especially like the articles on books and literature as it’s not an area that I’ve focused on so far in my studies!

  2. Amazing, so interesting and insightful! I had no idea that a friend of mine won the recent film rewrite competition nor that there was such access to great French literature and ideas.

  3. I am so pleased to have found this! I was anMFL teacher for years, now retired, but this will be a wonderful resource for personal interest.

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