Last Chance to Apply for a UNIQ Experience!

Applications to Oxford’s flagship outreach programme close on Monday 7th February at 11pm – don’t miss out!

Photo by John Cairns

You’ve probably read our previous blog posts about the benefits of the UNIQ programme – if you haven’t, you can check them out here – so we won’t repeat ourselves! However, if you’re debating whether or not to apply, these quotes from previous UNIQ participants might help!

‘Applying to UNIQ was the best decision I’ve ever taken.’ 

UNIQ Oxford 2018 – Ian Wallman

‘UNIQ made me a lot more confident in applying to university.’ 

‘I learnt so much that couldn’t be found simply from open days and prospectuses.’ 

UNIQ – Ian Wallman

‘I felt so motivated, supported and felt for the first time that Oxford could be for me.’ 

‘The uni also does not seem as ‘study study study’ as I thought, there are loads of activities going on, even cheerleading and musical theatre, which I really did not expect.’ 

‘UNIQ has especially dispelled the myths of Oxford being for a certain type of person.’ 

‘UNIQ has made me realise just how much I enjoy studying my subject. It has made me more excited for university and more confident that I can make a competitive application to Oxford.’ 

Applications only take 10 mins – apply now!

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